Forward as one

Tempcon is a group that specialises in temperature-controlled logistics. The group comprises a cluster of entrepreneurial companies all of which share a common vision; to create value for the customer through secure, climate-neutral logistics solutions to ensure a sustainable future.

Together we create a unique customer offer and strengthen our capacity to generate increased value for our customers.

The group was formed in 2016 and today consists of the wholly-owned subsidiaries Tommy Nordbergh Åkeri, PG Lots, Klimat-transport & Logistik, Claessons Transport and PL Fraktservice. What the subsidiaries also have in common is that they all have strong brands and leading positions in their respective geographic markets and segments. Tempcon Group is owned by the subsidiaries’ founders and senior managements together with the Accent Equity investment fund, which is majority owner.

Being collected under common ownership increases the subsidiaries’ geographic coverage and range of services, at the same time as retaining and developing local presence, individual brands and existing relationships with customers and employees.

Tempcons historia

The first building block is laid

Tommy Nordbergh Åkeri in Hjärnarp is acquired in August 2016, becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary. In conjunction with the acquisition, Stefan Nordbergh, Jonas Råstedt and previous board members become joint-owners of the Tempcon Group's parent company.

Expand the geographical presence with new acquisition

In March 2018, PG Lots is acquired in Linköping. The acquisition gives Tempcon a stronghold in Östergötland and also adds driver staffing to the operation. It expands the group's geographic presence and develops the service offering. The acquisition also provides chilled and frozen terminals in a strategically important location. The transaction makes PG Lots a wholly-owned subsidiary at the same time as the previous owners, Patrik Appelskog and Göran Olofsson, become joint-owners of Tempcon.

The acquisition further strengthens the customer offer

Klimat-transport & Logistik is acquired in Helsingborg in May 2018, becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary within the group. The acquisition supplements Tempcon's customer offer with chilled and frozen storage services. In connection with the transaction, Mats and Marcus Söderström, the sons of the company's founder Lennart Söderström, become joint-owners of the Tempcon group's parent company.

Claesson Transport in Ljungby becomes a part of Tempcon

In May 2018, Claessons Transport in Ljungby becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary through acquisition. Besides strengthening the group's presence in Småland, a terminal operation is also added in a strategic location. In connection with the deal, the Claesson family become joint-owners of the Tempcon group's parent company.