We deliver customer value

Tempcon is a specialist within temperature-controlled transports and logistics. Our vision is to create value for our customers through secure, climate-neutral logistics solutions to ensure a sustainable future.

At Tempcon we know that reliable and effective logistics are a prerequisite in ensuring that our customers enjoy sustainable business and development. As a leading specialist in temperature-controlled logistics, we resolve your needs within logistics and offer creative, customised overall solutions with the aim of exceeding the expectations placed on productive partnerships.

Let’s make a difference together. We offer a comprehensive undertaking for your logistics needs or can help your business with one of our other services below.

Climate-smart transportations at the right temperature

Handing over the transportation of high-grade and temperature-sensitive goods to an external party is not without its risks. Meat, dairy products, pharmaceuticals and fruit and vegetables constitute valuable assets for our customers. We therefore treat each solution as if it concerned transporting valuables. We are specialists in temperature-controlled logistics, with long experience and leading knowledge within the area. Putting your chilled and frozen transports in our hands gives you a secure and flexible partner which will surpass the high requirements you place on quality and security.

Customised transport solutions

At Tempcon Group we act in partnership with our customers. This means that we always start from your wishes, needs and requirements and then together find solutions which improve, simplify and optimise the shipments. Because we know that our knowledge and creative solutions also contribute to the customers’ success and growth over time.

Comprehensive distribution network

Within Tempcon Group we collaborate locally in a national, well-developed distribution network of unbroken refrigeration chains, with functions which ensure that your goods are always transported at the right temperature all the way from you to your customers.

We keep your promise

Certainty and security are everything. Handling goods in an unbroken refrigeration chain over short and long distances is the most difficult type of logistics. Our working days are all about handling temperature-sensitive foodstuffs and goods with the highest possible quality. The fact that we have dedicated our lives to this niche is what makes us specialists. Our certifications represent security for you as the customer and act as a guarantee that we can meet your specific needs and expectations as well as the high requirements you place on quality and certainty.

The service in brief


  • Customised solution
  • Leading quality and certainty
  • Unbroken frozen and chilled chains
  • Specialists in temperature-controlled food logistics
  • National distribution network with local presence

Temperature-controlled warehouses and terminal

An unbroken refrigeration chain and secure warehouses and terminals are absolutely crucial for many customers in their choice of logistics partner. Planning, organising and coordinating different processes as effectively as possible enables a high level of service and profitability to be achieved, with a prerequisite often being effective warehouses and terminals.
The Tempcon Group offers effective and temperature-controlled warehouses and terminals in strategic locations in Sweden, for both storage and handling of foodstuffs and other refrigerated goods.

Your goods are in safe hands in our warehouses and terminals. The goods are handled and stored in premises which comply with the latest legislation and the strictest requirements on effectiveness, hygiene and security.


We can tailor a warehouse solution which specifically meets your company’s needs. The solution is based on factors including your company’s sales, order frequency and your customers’ location. This is in order to determine the optimum location for your warehouse in terms of cost and lead times. For example, we offer picking warehouses and full pallet handling and can also compile orders according to your wishes. If you don’t have a warehouse of your own, we also offer the option of renting space with us.


At Tempcon’s terminals we are able to store a large range of goods, from chilled and frozen to dry and warm. Using our terminals ensures that your goods are handled at the right temperature throughout the entire chain. We can help you to put together a custom solution for your company’s needs, including coordination, optimisation, reloading or cross-docking.

The service in brief

  • Category A food facilities
  • Several strategic locations in Sweden
  • Unbroken frozen and chilled chains
  • Handling of chilled, frozen, dry or warm goods
  • Premises with the highest security
  • Customised warehouse and terminal solutions