Sustainability work

Together for a sustainable future

Tempcon Group AB is specialized within temperature-controlled logistics. The group consists of nine entrepreneurial companies. Together, we create increased value for the customer through secure, climate-smart logistics solutions for a sustainable future. Our brand is one of the most important strategic assets we have and it is therefore absolutely central that everyone associated with Tempcon Group cares for and builds our common brand. It’s about living up to the expectations and associations we want customers to have when they think or interact with Tempcon in some way. Short decision paths, local presence and commitment to local development are fundamental to our success, where sustainability is an important part of our strategy.

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With a competent, well-trained and dedicated staff and with a modern fleet of vehicles, the quality of our business must be such that we are the obvious choice when freight buyers choose a carrier.

We shall transport goods in a careful manner in accordance with the instructions our customers require and in accordance with the regulations issued by the authorities. We will make every effort to provide services that exceed customer expectations. To do this, it is crucial that we also maintain as high a level of service as is possible. Our efforts must be guided by what is economically reasonable, safety- wise and technically feasible.

It is the common task of all employees to work with continuous improvements in our quality work in order to position Tempcon as a leading business partner in temperate logistics. Several of our companies have management systems today and we intend to certify all of the Group’s companies against quality management systems (ISO 9001), environment (ISO 14001), traffic safety (ISO 39001) and food safety (ISO 22000) in 2020. We will also work according to the principles of ISO 26000 (Social responsibility).

Working environment

A safe and healthy work environment is an important strategic issue for the Tempcon Group.

The aim of the work environment work is to create a physically, mentally and socially sound and developing workplace for the Group and all subsidiaries, where the risks of work injuries and work-related ill health are prevented.

Efficiencies and changes in operations should never mean that the working environment is overridden. The Tempcon Group and those employed by the Group’s subsidiaries, in collaboration, shall continuously evaluate the Group’s efforts in the work environment area in order to be able to make continuous improvements in daily work environment work. We do this by constantly assessing and addressing risks that affect the Group and its subsidiaries, our employees, our work environment and other stakeholders, and by involving and letting all staff work together for continuous improvement.

As far as possible, the requirements of the work must be adapted to the conditions of man both physically and mentally. Measures that improve the working environment have positive effects for the individual as well as for the Tempcon group.

The overall goal of the work environment work is to achieve a long-term effective business which at the same time means good physical and mental health as well as well-being and job satisfaction for all employees and which prevents accidents from occurring.

In its operations, Tempcon Group will have a strong focus on road safety. We shall contribute to the attainment of important road safety targets for the individual as well as for the company and society. Our own employees and subcontractors hired by us must behave exemplarily in traffic, comply with laws and regulations regarding speed regulations, other traffic behavior, vehicle safety status, zero tolerance to alcohol and drugs.