Quotation request

Are you Sweden’s best driver?

Even though it is a few weeks away, summer is fast approaching and we are now looking for Sweden’s best drivers with CE qualifications for what is probably the world’s most funniest summer job. You get the chance to see new parts of Sweden at the same time as you meet new people. You also contribute to keeping Sweden rolling and are an important part of the transport flows that ensure that we can all eat and live. As we are located in many places around Sweden, you have the chance for a summer job near you. We are also looking for traffic managers and terminal staff, so if you have such skills, you are also welcome to apply. We do regular interviews and competitions, so email us today at info@tempcongroup.se and attach your CV and tell us where in Sweden you want to work.

You who are looking for a driver’s job have:
CE driving license
Truck card
Digital driver card

You get:
Contractual salary.
Meet new people and experience new environments.
New and fresh vehicles if you are going to work as a driver.
Opportunity for continued employment after the summer on certain positions.

You are:
Taking responsibility
Careful about vehicles and goods.
Used to meeting different people in different situations.
If you are also used to handling tempered goods, we see it as a merit.
Accustomed to handling cars and trailers if you are looking for a driver’s job.