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B Andersson develops the terminal business

B Andersson & Co åkeri, Tempcon Group’s stable stronghold in the Gothenburg region and transporter of the Nordic region, is making a major new investment in its terminal facility in the area of the old Slaughterhouse, strategically located and easily accessible from the E45 with proximity to other traffic flows in the Gothenburg area. B Andersson has been at the terminal for several years, but it has then been more of a complement to the operations in Fiskhamnen. With the new investment now, it will instead be the hub of B Andersson’s business with generous and well-adapted surfaces for handling both chilled and frozen and dry goods. The handling of so called wet fish will, however, as before be based in Fiskhamnen.

– We have seen that we have a lot to gain from creating a clearer structure in our flows and the investment in the terminal in the Slaughterhouse area is a natural step in this, says Patrik Theander, CEO of B Andersson. With this investment, we also get more efficient control of our flows that will benefit our customers through an even more elaborate offer.

Hans-Erik Gagner has been hired as terminal manager to develop the structures and management at the terminal. Gagner has for many years had various leading roles within Fiskhamnen and now has overall responsibility for the terminal. It will also be staffed most of the day to better steer and handle the goods that pass. A couple of traffic managers will also have their fixed point in the recently prepared offices at the terminal.

With the investment in the terminal in the Slaughterhouse area also follows a faster development of the digital services that B Andersson can offer its customers. EDI connections, PODs and tracking are today a natural part of our transport flows and will be so for B Andersson in the near future.

– I would probably almost like to talk about a B Andersson 2.0 now, says Jonathan Olsson, production manager at B Andersson. We have come a long way in our digitalisation, but with these new steps we will accelerate that process and free up time for our employees as manual work is reduced. Time that can be used to provide our customers with an expanded service and continue to develop our business.