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Berneco Transport is developing the business with a new transport manager

Tempcon Group’s subsidiary Berneco Transport, a freight forwarder, primarily in the BeNeLux countries, is developing the business with a new transport manager, Carl Vighagen. Vighagen most recently came from a position at CargoCare and has a long history in the transport industry in various roles. We are very happy that Carl has chosen to continue his successful career here with us, says Jesper Rosén, CEO of Berneco Transport. Carl will contribute together with the rest of us to continue the development of the company and ensuring the high level of service we have for our customers.

Carl, you have worked for many years in the transport industry but it is said that you started your professional career in another area.
Yes it is true. I started in the charcuterie industry at Pärsson’s charcuterie when it was still in Strövesltorp. I was there when the company moved to Halmstad but after a while I felt that I wanted to do something else. I then attended a two-year education focusing on international transport and then started at NL Transport in Helsingborg. I made a short detour to Eimskip but returned to NL Transport in 2008 and joined as a partner in 2012. Four years later, the company was sold to CargoCare. At the turn of the year, I decided it was time to do something new and after a while this opportunity appeared here at Berneco Transport.

What will be your main tasks here at Berneco Transport?
The main task will be to coordinate the work here while I, together with other employees, will look at the opportunities to develop and drive the company forward further. Berneco is already today a structured and well-run company, but there is room for some changes, especially with regard to issues concerning digitization here in the office.

What do you see as challenges for you and the company in the future?
For my own part, it is to get acquainted with all parts of the complex business we have here to be able to coordinate it. For the company, it is about continuing the digitalization journey. We are very far ahead there, not to mention at the forefront, when it comes to tracking our trailers. There, both we and some of our customers can follow the trailer in real time and see both position, temperature in the cabinets etc. We want to reach the same level, or at least approach that level, also in terms of our handling in the office. Today there is a lot of paperwork. We want to change that.

Berneco Transport has been around for many years, how should the company continue its development journey? What opportunities do you have?
In addition to the digitalization that I mentioned before, I see many opportunities for the company in the future. We are today very strong on the import side but have room to supplement with additional exports to better balance the flows. I myself have worked with the Netherlands all these years and of course I hope to be able to contribute to that work. But it is also important that we ensure our high level of service and transparency towards our existing customers. Berneco Transport is known for its high service that you get through the strong discipline and professionalism of the staff. This in combination with transparency, clear and straightforward communication while we have a common thread in everything we do guarantees this.

If we look a little further, where is Berneco Transport in five years?
I think we then have a larger scope of our business. We have increased flexibility further and have well-developed system solutions that facilitate our everyday lives and attract competent staff. We will continue to deliver based on our high level of service with close and transparent communication with our customers. The same customers we have today and many new ones who have chosen to start a collaboration with us during these years.

Mattias Jönsson, who was previously transport manager, will continue in the company in the role of strategic manager.