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Children are soft, cars are hard

It was one of the Swedish Transport Safety Agency’s first major campaigns for child safety in traffic in the early 1980s. The question is at least as relevant today. Tempcon’s subsidiary Abbekås åkeri was a couple of weeks ago out at one of the schools in the immediate area to talk traffic safety with Volvo Trucks’ material Stop Look Wave as a basis. An initiative that was much appreciated by everyone involved.

With the education Stop Look Wink, we want to give the children the opportunity to better understand how to behave in a safe way in traffic. The training focuses on how important it is for the children to pay attention and establish eye contact with the driver, directly or via the rear-view mirrors. Among other things, the children learn to stop, look around and make the driver aware of their presence by waving before crossing a street.

In addition to the traffic safety aspect, this is also a good opportunity to get out and meet new generations and create interest in the transport industry and the driver profession.

Read more about Stay Watch Wave in Swedish here.