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Delay of new smart tachograph version 2

A new smart tachograph, the so-called version 2, must be installed in the tachograph-obligatory vehicles that are registered for the first time from 21 August 2023.

However, there have been several problems with delays in the introduction of these tachographs which have led to the fact that there are currently not enough tachographs on the market to cover the need that exists. Using a new vehicle that has the wrong version of tachograph installed is subject to penalty charges for the company and fines for the driver if this is detected in a check.

In order to mitigate the consequences of the situation that has arisen, the government decided last month on a temporary provision in the regulation (2004:865) on driving and rest periods as well as tachographs, etc. It states that, during the period 21 August 2023 – 31 January 2024, the Swedish Transport Agency and the Police Authority shall not charge penalty fees or fines if you use a new vehicle that has a smart tachograph version 1 installed, even though there must be a smart tachograph version 2 installed in these vehicle.