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Digital delivery platform takes new market shares

Tempcon Group has a clear goal of being an early adopter in terms of IT and various digital solutions that facilitate our and our customers’ operations. Some who are at the forefront in this regard are Widrikssons Digital Solutions, which is an independent business area within Tempcon’s subsidiary Widriksson Logistik AB. The business area combines 65 years of logistics experience with the latest technical solutions and their system WDDP has recently been selected by Halmstads Deliverys as their new delivery platform.

All customers have different conditions and needs, something that was taken into account when creating the delivery platform. Widrikssons Digital Solutions wants to make it easier for everyone and give users a better overview. The WDDP system is built to be flexible and can be easily connected and adapted to existing systems while increasing customer satisfaction and reducing administration.

Via the delivery platform, transport buyers, distributors and end customers have the opportunity to follow deliveries in real time, and it is primarily designed for last mile distribution in cities. Halmstads Delivery will use all modules in the platform such as route planning, traffic management, tracking, confirmation of delivery/reception and driver application.

Halmstads Delivery will initially use the service for coordinated goods distribution and distribution of food to municipal units with Halmstads Municipality as the client. The assignment places special demands on measuring customer satisfaction, distance calculation and vehicle tracking. They therefore need to provide a digital interface for tracking orders and order status, something they now get through WDDP. Through the platform, you can also automate and digitize manual processes, which helps Halmstads Delivery achieve contractual requirements and deliver high quality.

– There is solid development work behind WDDP and therefore we are happy about this deal, which is completely in line with our ambition that it should be “easy to do the right thing”, says Marcel Nemer, digital business developer at Widriksson Logistik. It is a modern platform that can be tailored to the needs of customers and at the same time is easy to use. We appreciate the trust from Halmstads Delivery and that we get the opportunity to help them in their digitization journey.

– By investing in WDDP, we are taking the next step on our digital journey, says Helena Barany, CEO at Halmstads Delivery. The platform is based on experiences from the same industry and business as ours. We look forward to using all the opportunities in automation and efficiency that the tool offers. Together with Widriksson Logistik, we have an exciting journey ahead of us.