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E-charge – the transport solution of the future

Tempcon Group and its subsidiary Tommy Nordbergh Åkeri are now investing heavily in electrification of heavy road transport together with other leading industrial companies and the state in the E-charge project. Here, we want to create conditions for developing battery-electric trucks that can handle the really long-distance transports that include driving distances longer than 50 km.

– A few years ago, we talked about electrification working for light distribution traffic, but today we are looking at the really heavy transports over long distances, says Claes Ekström, vehicle manager at Tempcon Group. It shows how fast development is going and that we will find solutions for future, sustainable transport.

Sustainability and the environment are one of Tempcon’s most important strategic issues, and electrifying the entire transport chain is an important step in the transition to fossil-free transport. Renewable fuels, such as biodiesel and biogas, have so far been the only fossil-free alternatives for heavier truck transports that run longer distances, but with the E-charge project we are taking further major steps towards future transport solutions.

In the project, Tommy Nordbergh Åkeri will test vehicles for heavy transport between Skåne and Stockholm. There is currently a lot of planning and discussions going on about charging infrastructure, demarcation and optimization of flows. According to the plan, the transports will be up and running by 2025.

– If we are to achieve the goal of reducing our carbon dioxide emissions, the electrification of the vehicle fleet in Sweden is an important step, says Claes Ekström. Electrification will be crucial in the near future if we succeed in the transition to fossil-free, as electric vehicles create opportunities for completely emission-free transport.