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Erling Andersson visits school fair

The need for new drivers has been discussed for a long time and still remains. Many are the various investments that are made to attract, above all, young people to get interested in applying for the training courses that are available to become a professional driver. At the same time, it is important to motivate them during their studies, offer them good internships and also create an interest in Tempcon and our subsidiaries as there are many people out there who are interested when the newly trained enter the market. To do just this, Tempcon’s subsidiary Erling Andersson Åkeri was at Skara’s JOBB fair earlier this year.

Skara’s JOB fair is aimed at students in grades 8 and 9 as well as those in high school. The purpose of the participation was to show what you actually do at a modern transport and logistics company, to tell about all the different roles that exist at the company and, in general, to create interest in the industry and inspire more people to apply for one of all the professions that exist, then above all the driving profession. The goal was also for the visitors to see Erling Andersson Åkeri and Tempcon as a future, attractive, employer. The dialogue with the visitors is also important in order to capture the thoughts and ideas that the next generation of employees have when they enter professional life. Tomorrow’s staff will have different requirements and expectations than those we are used to today. If we are to get them to stay and continue to develop with us, we must meet our new employees so they feel welcome.

In order to get such a broad and interesting insight into the opportunities on offer, several different professional groups were present from Erling Andersson. It was Hanna Grehag – HR manager, Oscar Rosenblad – traffic controller, Therese Wennerberg – traffic controller and Johan Brunkow – hauling manager.