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Every day is a new match

This week, an article with Jonas Råstedt, CEO of Tempcon’s subsidiary Tommy Nordbergh Åkeri, was published in the supplement Morgondagens Industrier which went with Svenska Dagbladet. You can also take part in the interview below.

Jonas, what do you think has made you Sweden’s leading refrigerated transport company?
Our way of looking at both employees and customers and that we have not renounced it during our strong growth. We have been careful that “everyone should be in the game” and to maintain focus on what we want to achieve. We’ve always been known for being simple and fast, and we’ve continued to be even though we’ve gotten much bigger. We have short decision paths and understand that each customer is unique. I believe that these have been the biggest success factors and made it possible for us to grow our turnover by SEK 1 billion in ten years.

Now you are taking the next step and investing fully in Europe.
We have always been careful to take responsibility for the entire chain from producer to consumer. We guarantee a safe transport in unbroken temperature chains from the beginning to the final destination and it should not matter where the producers are located. Now we are taking further steps to minimize transshipments and expensive middlemen, which means that we can offer an even safer and more efficient transport.

What can your customers expect from Tommy Nordbergh in the future?
We will continue to work according to our motto, closer, simpler and safer. A large part of our success over the years has been due to the fact that our owners never took out any profit but always chose to reinvest it in the company’s development. Our driving force has always been to be at the forefront and be a leader in the areas of sustainability, working environment and safety.

Finally, how is Jonas as a team captain?
I would describe myself as very goal oriented but at the same time experienced enough to know the importance of everyone being an important part of the result. I think it is important to always be at hand and be able to switch between being strategic, operational and tactically smart so that the whole team constantly has the right conditions to perform at their peak. With us it’s fastballs and down in traffic it’s playoffs every day. Regardless of what the future holds, my strong belief is that we won’t win any games by slowing down.