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First electric car in Gothenburg

Tempcon’s subsidiary Widriksson Logistik aims to offer climate-positive distribution as early as 2030. An important part of this work is the transition to fuels with less environmental impact than today’s fuels. Electrification of the vehicle fleet plays a decisive role in this transition. Already today, Widriksson has a significant number of electric vehicles in operation in Stockholm, and now it has also introduced its first electric vehicle in Gothenburg.

Widriksson is continuously working to electrify its customers’ flows and it is now Rexel in Gothenburg that is expanding with another electric vehicle. Since before, two electric vehicles have been driven for Rexel in Stockholm.

Today, Widriksson only drives fossil-free transport and strives to continue reducing the emissions from its vehicles. Rexel also has an ambitious goal of reducing the indirect emissions by 60 percent in scope 3 related to freight transport, use of sold products and business trips.

Last year, the electrical wholesaler Rexel Sweden chose to renew and expand its collaboration with Widriksson Logistik for its distribution of electrical items and energy technology. Through that agreement, Rexel took new steps towards further digitization, traceability and service towards end customers through the use of Widriksson’s delivery platform WDDP. The agreement covers collection of electrical items from Rexel’s distribution centers, sorting and reloading at Widriksson’s terminal as well as local distribution to Rexel’s stores and end customers.