Quotation request

Forward as one

Sometimes we get questions about why our logo looks the way it does and how we thought when it was created. And is it a t or a one in the symbol, the round, blue ring? And what is the difference between a logo and a symbol? We will try to answer that here.

A logo is the company’s face to the outside world and should be seen as a graphic brand. The logo can consist of a symbol, a text, an image or a combination of these elements. The logo is used by companies for visual recognition but is just as common in non-commercial contexts as, for example, in associations and organizations. In a logo, you usually use a selected font or a font that is specially developed for the logo and combine this with a unique image or symbol.

Our symbol consists of a blue, forward-leaning oval that signals constantly on the way forward. In the blue oval there is a clear, strong one that stands for leader and Forward as one. One goes out of the oval and reinforces the drive forward and that we are constantly on the move. One also forms a lowercase t which of course stands for Tempcon and which has the same typography as the logo font. There is a gentle division of the line in the t to highlight one. The bend in outcome balances the impression and strengthens the speed.

So now you know why the blue ring, our symbol in our logo, looks like it does.