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Good to think about now that it’s winter road conditions

In some parts of our long country, people have already been hit by several decimetres of snow, while those of us who live a little further south are freezing, so we shiver when it’s around zero and the winds howl around the houses. But sooner or later we too are affected by winter road conditions. When winter is here, we all need to think an extra lap so that we both get to and from work and deliver the goods to the customers. Cold, darkness and precipitation make certain things take longer, for example loading and unloading and not least driving in winter road conditions. Do you know what applies at your workplace now that it’s winter? Do you have special rules or is it business as usual? Something that we must never neglect, however, is road safety and the drivers’ working environment, even during this time of year.

A few things to keep in mind now that it is, or will soon be, winter road conditions:

– Take it easy in traffic. There are those waiting for you at home. No vice in the world is more important than your own life or the life of others.

– Adapt the speed to prevailing road conditions. Keep your distance.

– Always take your phone with you when you get out of the car. Should you slip and not get back up, you at least have the option of calling for help.

– In Sweden, we have requirements for winter tires from 2019. Make sure you are aware of that.

– Be careful when loading and unloading. Slip accidents on flatbeds and ladders that slide are the cause of too many accidents during the winter.

– Seat belt on – a matter of course both summer and winter.

– Keep your equipment in good condition and dry if possible. It can be tension straps and other equipment that you need for, among other things, anchoring.

– Check your vehicle with regard to, for example, the air dryer and heater.

– Give extra thought to load distribution when driving on winter road conditions. You must have both grip and steering ability.

– Sweep away snow and make the floor and roof free of ice.

– Bring warm clothes and shoes, you never know what will happen in traffic. Also make sure that you are properly seen in the winter darkness with the help of reflective clothing. Feel free to bring some emergency provisions as well in case you are left standing.

– Think back to situations that have arisen in the past and prepare based on these.

– Make sure that equipment such as warning triangle, lamp and first aid are included.

– Hands on the steering wheel!