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Group CEO Christian Hallberg summarizes the first half of 2023

It is now time to sum up the first half of 2023. Where has the focus of your development been during this period?
There is much that is worth highlighting. An important part of our development has been our coordinated sales, where we can support and help each other, which adds value to customers and gives us a bigger and better offer to the market. It also creates growth as we can handle new business more efficiently together in a more optimized way.

Today we also have a clearer offer to the market through a comprehensive presence in Sweden with traffic areas and lines with a clear and clear distribution of responsibilities.

Another important factor to mention is our coordinated purchasing work, which gives us increased cost efficiency through a combined purchasing power. We also have better cost control on our vehicles through our own workshops that we developed during the year. This together with more efficient use of our vehicles creates increased value for our customers.

The establishment of our Shared Service Center also creates better conditions together with our finance department for coordination, analysis and follow-up. It gives us good control and a good decision-making basis for our companies.

It is also pleasing that all operations within the group have undergone recertification according to four different ISO standards, which are quality, environment, traffic safety and food safety. It is something that we can be proud of and that creates security for our customers.

2022 was a year marked by the Tempcon project Together where you put a lot of energy into finding synergies, consolidating and optimizing the business. How have the strategically important activities looked during the first half of 2023?
In the past six months, we have not had such a high speed in terms of acquisitions, but the focus has continued to be on the consolidation of companies and operations in order to extract coordination benefits and more efficient operations.

We now have a platform for organic growth in place that includes both domestic traffic via our complete network throughout Sweden as well as volumes to and from the foreign market that we connect with our domestic network.

When it comes to our investments in the area of ​​sustainability, we go hand in hand with our customers in this work and have a close collaboration to achieve our common goals. Today, we offer transport and logistics solutions that are both fossil-free and CO2 neutral through various fuel solutions such as electrification and gas as well as climate compensation.

But we also want to be involved in building knowledge about the solutions of the future. That is why we participate in the research project E-charge, where the goal is to find systems for heavy, electrified long-distance transport. A project that is carried out together with industry and research institutes.

What is important for the future of Tempcon?
Today we have a fairly large operation where we have a turnover of approximately SEK 3 billion, we have 1 500 employees and employ nearly 1 000 vehicles in both domestic and international traffic and last-mile. We are present in the entire value chain from producer to consumer.

However, we must never stop living up to our motto of being big enough to deliver but small enough to really care. That’s the core of Tempcon and what we’re passionate about.

In conclusion, I would like to take the opportunity to thank customers, employees and other partners for an exciting and developing six months and wish you all a pleasant summer!