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Hasse grills for Mustaschkampen

Hans Wendt, driver at Tempcon Group’s latest subsidiary Abbekås Åkeri, has for many years been involved in Mustaschkampen. Mustaschkampen has its origins in the Movember movement started in Australia in 2003 with a focus on men’s ill health. In 2007, the Cancer Foundation in Sweden started Mustaschkampen and since 2015 it has been run by the Prostate Cancer Association.

The purpose of Mustaschkampen is, among other things, to increase people’s awareness of prostate cancer and that men over the age of 50 should get tested. Mustaschkampen takes place all year round with extra focus during the weeks in November. On Tuesday, Hasse carried out an activity at the company where sausages and coffee were served and money was collected under pleasant conditions.

Hasse, what made you get involved in Mustaschkampen?
Not far from here there is a motorcycle club called Hilibards. For many years they have run a run to raise money for Mustaschkampen and I have been there on a corner. But with the Corona now, they have had to cancel the run and then it was a good friend of mine, Fredrik Mårtensson and a friend of his, who said that what can we do now when there is no run? So we have now planned a kind of meeting where everyone can join who has something that rolls, cars, motorcycles, everything. You have to drive a round of 60 km and look for letters with which you then have to form words. The competition ticket is then placed in a mailbox when you return and we raffle off the nice prizes we received from various partners among the participants. The purpose is of course to collect money for Mustaschkampen at the same time. It all starts now on Saturday 1 May in Södra Sandby.

What are the most important messages of Mustaschkampen?
The most important thing is to get all old men over fifty to go and take a PSA test. It is a blood sample that you take in the armpit so it is not dangerous. Through that test, you can catch those who are affected and ensure that they come under care at hopefully an early stage. Then it is natural to gain knowledge in general about prostate cancer and work to make it a screening program for prostate cancer just as it is for breast cancer today.

What did you do here on Tuesday?
Well, I said here at work that it would be fun if we could do something nice, something a little simple so people got a chance to talk a little and hang out. We started at 10 in the morning and it was full swing until four o’clock in the afternoon when my wife and I rolled home. At the same time, of course, we took the opportunity to collect a penny for Mustaschkampen where the company lined up with sausages and drinks as well as a penny for the collection. I can well take the opportunity to challenge our sister companies in the fight and hang out with a sausage grill or something else. We will run a round next week as well so those who were in another place this time will get a chance to join then instead.

When you are not grilling sausages or engaging in Mustaschkampen, what do you do then?
I used to drive abroad for many years but have been working at Abbekås for 13 years now and I really enjoy it. I certainly made a small detour a couple of months there in the beginning to another large haulage company in Malmö, but it is out of date now. Today I drive a line to Örebro. For a few weeks now, we have had a new six-week schedule that is really good. You now appreciate your free time a little more when you start to get older. On a normal working day, I take the truck here in Staffanstorp at eight o’clock in the morning and load it up. Then it carries off north, often with a little additional loading in Helsingborg. Once in Örebro, I unload a little before it’s time to get sleep in the truck. Then I continue unloading in the morning and after loading you set course south again.