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Investment in electric truck in Stockholm in new collaboration with PostNord

Tempcon Group’s subsidiary Tommy Nordbergh Åkeri is once again investing in a fully electrified distribution car, this time in Stockholm. As part of the Group, the company wants to create value for its customers with secure, sustainable and climate-efficient logistics solutions. At the same time, it is keen to be at the forefront of the use of new, innovative technology and new fuel alternatives. As part of their long-term sustainability work, they are now once again investing in a heavy electric truck that will run in multiple shifts.

Sustainability issues are prioritized within the Group and in addition to previous investments in heavy electric vehicles in Helsingborg by Tommy Nordbergh Åkeri, several of the subsidiaries within Tempcon have invested in solar panels on their properties, such as Klimat-Transport, PL Fraktservice and Widriksson. Several gas cars are already in operation and soon also a fully electrified distribution car in Stockholm. The car is part of a pilot project that aims to find good structures and functions for this type of electrified transports.

The car will drive deliveries to Apotek Hjärtat’s stores along a 167 kilometer long loop. During that distance, CO2 emissions are reduced by 125 kg. The new transport solution thus entails a greatly reduced environmental impact and is an important step on the road to fossil-free deliveries. The car will initially be driven in two shifts with the goal of moving to three shifts later.

– For us at Tommy Nordbergh Åkeri, it has always been a matter of course to be at the forefront of alternative fuels to reduce our environmental impact and find climate-smart logistics solutions, says Jonas Råstedt, CEO of Tommy Nordbergh Åkeri. It is therefore fun to be able to make such an investment again together with PostNord TPL and their customer Apotek Hjärtat. We hope in the not too distant future to be able to start more projects like this.

– We have long used electric vehicles in our business, but until now it has been difficult to find good alternatives for heavier transports. On the one hand, infrastructure is required to be able to charge the cars, and on the other hand, we need to find new routines that work in our business. By testing this type of vehicle together with our customers, we draw many important lessons for more large-scale investments in the future, says Mathias Krümmel, CEO of PostNord Sweden.

– Sustainability is a guiding light in everything we do and one of the many goals we are working towards is that Apotek Hjärtat will be completely fossil-free by 2030. We are therefore very happy that the collaboration with PostNord has now led to us being able to put in a higher gear and show off our first electric truck. We already deliver completely fossil-free to all our pharmacies in Stockholm, Malmö and Gothenburg. This will be a good complement and another step towards more and more electric transports, which also go quieter, which enables deliveries at odd times without disturbing in densely populated areas, says Louise Blumenthal, Head of Logistics Development at Apotek Hjärtat.

At Scania, too, the tone is positive.
– We look forward to supporting Tommy Nordbergh Åkeri and PostNord in the roll-out of an electrified fleet and take part in their and Apotek Hjärtat’s experiences with this pilot. We welcome close cooperation between vehicle suppliers, hauliers, transport buyers and charging operators to drive the development towards fossil-free transport. It is fun to see that both Tommy Nordbergh haulage company, PostNord and Apotek Hjärtat have the same driving force as Scania to reduce emissions from the transport industry, says Jessica Björkquist, responsible for electrification at Scania Sweden.