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Klimat-Transport and Berneco are moving together

Tempcon’s two subsidiaries Klimat-Transport in Helsingborg and Berneco Transport in Ängelholm are now under the same roof in Klimat-Transport’s premises in Långeberga. The move has been planned for a long time, but a pandemic got in the way, but in April this year was it decided that Berneco would move in at the beginning of October. The advantages are many. In addition to reduced premises costs, many synergy effects are seen in the future.

Both Klimat-Transport and Berneco are freight forwarders, but historically Berneco has focused solely on international traffic, unlike Klimat-Transport, which worked both internationally and nationally. And so it will continue to be. It is, and will be, two companies with many points of contact but also many differences. For example, Berneco owns its own trailers and hires tow trucks, while Klimat-Transport buys all transport services from haulage companies.

– When Berneco became part of the Tempcon Group in July 2020, we realized at an early stage that we and Klimat-Transport had many points of contact that could be the basis for close cooperation, says Jesper Rosén, CEO of Berneco Transport. Since then, we have had a close collaboration, which we will now be able to develop even more with the move.

The goal of the move is to be able to better benefit from each other in terms of contact networks, resources, knowledge, etc. and in that way continue the development of each business. Berneco is also geographically closer to the major logistics node where the majority of their transports land.

– No matter how digital we become, and we have noticed during the pandemic that it works very well in many places, it is when people meet that things happen, says Mats Söderström, CEO of Klimat-Transport. We have really been looking forward to having new comrades in the house and now really starting the work of taking advantage of the synergistic effects that we know exist.