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Klimat-Transport continues the development of its sustainability work

Sustainability issues are always at the center of Tempcon’s operations and our subsidiary Klimat-Transport & Logistik AB in Helsingborg was one of the first in Sweden to have a CO2-positive terminal in scope 1 and 2. Now they have taken further steps in their sustainability work when they signed the Helsingborg Declaration where the objective is to create Europe’s most fast-moving and sustainable logistics hub.

For Klimat-Transport, work with sustainability issues has always been a priority and the journey to where they are today started many years ago. In addition to having a CO2-positive terminal, today they can also offer their customers CO2-neutral transports, among other things. They have now also chosen to sign the Helsingborg Declaration, which is an initiative from the municipality of Helsingborg where, together with academia, businesses and civil society, they want to raise the level of ambition in climate and environmental work and aim to reach climate neutrality as early as 2030.

In the Helsingborg declaration, it has been chosen to highlight five main areas with a strong connection to the transformation in various parts of the logistics chain. It is; fossil-free energy; smart, aggregated and efficient logistics; technology and infrastructure; packaging logistics as well as circularity, reuse and recycling. The five transition areas in the Helsingborg Declaration have been chosen based on the idea of ​​focusing on areas of the climate transition that are close to the operations and are possible to influence. This does not mean that other areas within sustainability work are unimportant. On the contrary, there are several aspects of sustainability that are comprehensive and permeate all areas of change. Examples of such overall sustainability aspects are; financial sustainability and business acumen; social sustainability and purchasing and customer behavior.

If you want to read more about the Helsingborg Declaration, you can do so HERE.