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Klimat-Transport doubles its solar cell plant

For Tempcon, sustainability issues are high on the agenda as we continue to develop our offering to the market. One of our subsidiaries, Klimat-Transport in Helsingborg, has long worked actively to reduce its climate impact. After a long period of work, their terminal at Långeberga in autumn 2020 became one of the first in Sweden to become CO2-positive in scope 1 and 2. This success was then followed up by offering its customers CO2-neutral transport solutions. Interest in these has been great.

Now Klimat-Transport is taking the next step in its sustainability work as it has largely doubled its solar cell plant, which today can be considered one of the largest in the area. After completion, their facility consists of more than 1200 panels with an area of ​​approximately 2500 square meters. These will deliver more than 452 MWh per year, which corresponds to the annual consumption of more than a hundred normal-sized villas with district heating.

The investment in solar cell installations, alternative fuels and participation in various research projects are important parts of Tempcon’s work for a more sustainable transport industry where we already need to find the solutions for the future today.