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Longer trucks next year

Reducing emissions from our transports is an important part of the transition to more sustainable transports. Experiments have been made with, among other things, longer vehicles in order to bring more goods with them for each kilometer transported. The government has now announced that it will allow trucks up to 34.5 meters from next year.

– This is a requested measure that allows us to make better use of the roads and reduce the environmental impact of transport, says Tomas Eneroth, Minister of Infrastructure.

The new rules mean that trucks as long as 34,5 meters will be allowed on certain designated roads, compared to the current maximum length of 25,25 meters. The trucks must be driven at a maximum of 80 km/h on the designated roads. According to the Swedish Transport Administration’s calculations, the measure to allow longer trucks can reduce carbon dioxide emissions from heavy vehicles by 4-6 percent.

In order to get a proposal like this approved, it must be notified to the European Commission, which was done in May. No views on the proposal have been received, which is why the Government has now decided to implement the regulation changes that enable longer vehicle combinations. They will enter into force on 31 August 2023.