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Menigo expands collaboration with Tempcon

Tempcon’s subsidiary Erling Andersson Åkeri, headquartered in Skara, receives an extended trust from Menigo in Skaraborg. EA Åkeri currently has six distribution trucks that serve Menigo’s customers in the private and public sector. From the first of December, EA Åkeri will expand the distribution to also include the municipality of Falköping after Menigo earlier this year won a public tender in the area.

Menigo is part of the Sysco Group and a comprehensive supplier that delivers everything from fresh food, frozen and dried foods, to equipment and consumables.

The solution is based on receiving long-distance trucks that load in Partille and Strängnäs, where EA Åkeri then sorts the goods at the terminal in Skara during the night and distributes to the whole of Skaraborg.

– We look forward to the deal and a continued good collaboration with Menigo, which is one of our biggest customers, says Stefan Ohlmander, CEO at EA Åkeri.