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Mörarps Frystransporter is part of Fair Transport

Another of Tempcon’s subsidiaries has joined Fair Transport. Mörarps Frystransporter, based in Hyllinge, is the latest company in the group to join. Christoffer Ekman, transport manager at Mörarps Frystransporter, says that they see many advantages in joining Fair Transport. It is associated with quality and that you are a fair employer. This strengthens the brand and is an important part of our pursuit to become the obvious choice for temperate transportation in our geographical area at the same time as we want to attract new employees and retain those who work here today.

The process up to the certification was very smooth, Ekman thinks, as many of the values ​​needed already exist thanks to being certified according to four ISO standards, 9001 (quality), 14001 (environment), 22000 (food safety) and 39001 (traffic safety). The reactions so far have only been positive and with the certification, you also send a clear signal to the market where you want your ambitions.

Fair Transport was founded by Sveriges Åkeriföretag in 2012. At the launch a couple of years later, Fair Transport was a position to highlight and draw attention to healthy transports from responsible hauliers. Hauliers that drive safely, think climate-smart and offer good working conditions. Over the years, Fair Transport has developed and in 2021, Fair Transport became a sustainability certification for freight transport by road. A sustainability certification that enables carriers and transport buyers to jointly move towards the high environmental and climate goals, achieve healthy competition on equal terms and approach the zero vision in traffic. The certification is reviewed every year by an external third party to ensure the high requirements.

Here you can read more about Fair Transport.