Quotation request

Business developer linked to Tempcon

Magnus Persson started last Monday as a new business developer at Tempcon Group. Persson most recently came from the role as site manager for Martin & Servera’s facility in Enköping. He has a long past with various leading managerial roles in the transport and logistics industry and companies such as Schenker åkeri, Everfresh and Nowaste are on his merit list.

What has been a common thread through Persson’s professional life, regardless of whether he has worked with terminals, warehouses or transport, is the focus on leadership, personnel issues and development. Qualities that will come in handy in the new role as a business developer.

Magnus, what was it that made you interested in the role as a business developer at Tempcon?
I have followed the development of Tempcon at a distance recently and think that it is a genuine and serious investment to make it a leader in the Nordic region in its business. When an opportunity arose to be a part of this and contribute with my knowledge in the further development, it was not difficult to say yes. With the goal of becoming the best employer, the best provider of services linked to temperate logistics and at the same time having sustainability issues so clearly in focus, it is an exciting journey we are heading on. Building the organization right from the start is a must and I think Tempcon does that.

Now you have not had time to be so many days at your new workplace, but what is your first impression?
No, it has not been so many days yet but the feeling is that there is a fantastic drive and commitment within the organization. It seems to happen a lot and a lot that is going on. The feeling has also been welcoming at the same time as it is of course very much new things and systems to get acquainted with.

What challenges do you see in your new role as a business developer?
Initially, of course, it’s a lot about getting to know the organization, the structure and the various subsidiaries. Based on that, we must then develop the business where I hope to be able to contribute positively with my experiences. For me, it is important to work with all the included functions and to build an organization where everyone understands and sees their place. We will do this together with the customers and staff.

What will be your main focus in your role?
Run projects with the aim of developing and improving the operations based on a structured approach. It creates clarity. It is also extremely important to involve the staff in the development work in order to get different points of view on the issues, while at the same time the implementation work is often facilitated if you have been involved from the start.

Finally, a little future exploration, where will we find Tempcon in five years?
I am absolutely convinced that we have then reached the goals that exist today. This means that we are a leading player in the market for temperature-regulated logistics and that we are the largest in the Nordic region. We will show the way forward and in matters of a better environment, both in terms of working environment and climate, we will be a leader.