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New business for Tommy Nordbergh Åkeri

Tempcon’s subsidiary Tommy Nordbergh Åkeri, based in Hjärnarp at the foot of Hallandsåsen, has signed a new agreement with Spisa Smaker AB during the summer. Spisa Smaker focuses on organically grown, high-quality products in the potted herb and salad segment and is available in seven other European markets in addition to Sweden. The focus is on offering consumers tasty food experiences all year round.

All Spisa Smaker’s production takes place with high requirements for food safety, environmental considerations and regular quality checks. Therefore, it is important for them to work with partners who share the same goals and ambitions in order to be able to lift the meals into something completely extra. It is therefore particularly positive that they have chosen Tommy Nordbergh Åkeri for several of their flows.

– We had the opportunity to run some test flows for Spisa Smaker last autumn between their facility in Hölö to a food wholesaler in the Stockholm area, says Jonas Råstedt, CEO of Tommy Nordbergh Åkeri. Spisa was satisfied with this and then gave us a contract with more flows with them both from Hölö and Helsingborg to wholesalers in the Helsingborg and Stockholm area in particular, something that feels honourable.