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New day for sustainable transport

On November 26 this year, for the first time, we get to pay attention to World Sustainable Transport Day. It is the UN General Assembly that has adopted a resolution to establish a global sustainability day for transport.

The resolution was put forward by the government of Turkmenistan and is in line with an earlier proposal by the International Road Transport Organization IRU. IRU Secretary General Umberto de Pretto is pleased that the UN has acted on the IRU’s initiative and says he welcomes a UN World Day for Sustainable Transport that recognizes the indispensable role of transport for society, economic development and environmental protection. He continues; It will be a special occasion for all citizens of this planet to stop, reflect and realize how crucial transport, and road transport in particular, is in every aspect of our daily lives.

The UN General Assembly wants member states, organizations worldwide and civil society at large to pay attention to World Sustainable Transport Day by educating and holding events with the aim of increasing the public’s knowledge of sustainable transport issues.