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New exceptions for driving and rest times

Although all indications are that the pandemic is entering a new phase which means that we will avoid many of the restrictions that have been in place, the number of people who are on sick leave or in quarantine is still high. This has led to the industry generally having to cancel or change many transports. As a result, the Swedish Transport Agency has now decided on a new, time-limited exemption from the driving and rest time rules.

The exemption applies to all transports within the country and came into force on 1 February after an emergency regulation was adopted, TSFS 2022: 3. It will apply until March 2 and the exceptions are as follows:
– The daily driving time may be extended to a maximum of eleven hours.
– Weekly working hours (driving time and other work) may be extended to a maximum of 60 hours.
– Working hours (driving time and other work) for two weeks may be extended to a maximum of 120 hours.
– During two consecutive weeks, a driver must take at least two normal weekly rest periods or a normal weekly rest period and a reduced weekly rest period of at least 24 hours. The reduction does not need to be compensated during the period.
– The daily rest may be reduced to nine hours without a claim for compensation.
– No exceptions for breaks are allowed.

The conditions that have come into force now are the same as those that applied during the period 15 April and 31 May two years ago.