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New operational manager at PL Fraktservice

As you could read last week, Tempcon’s subsidiary PL Fraktservice in Uddevalla is reorganizing and Peter Friberg, long-term operational manager at the company, is stepping into the role of CEO. The role of operational manager is now taken over by Mattias Orstam, who has worked at the company since 2014. With a background as a football player and bed seller, the step into the transport industry was perhaps not obvious, but it is something he does not regret today.

Mattias, why did you start at PL?
PL received a new large assignment for Svensk Cater, which would employ almost ten cars and thus needed drivers. I was then asked by my father, Peter Lengrell, and Friberg how long I would actually stand there selling beds. All said and done, I quit the bed sales, got a driving license for trucks and started running one of those distribution loops. Over time, there was a variety of driving, including Helsingborg to later start working certain hours in the office. Since 2017 I have only worked in the office, first as a traffic manager and now in recent years with finance and focus on our profitability.

How does it feel now to step into the role of operational manager and what are your challenges in this role?
It will be fun and exciting. The challenges are many if you look at the world situation and the consequences this brings. The driver shortage is a major challenge that we must manage and counteract in the best possible way. It is of course important for everyone to bring in good staff. We want to be an attractive employer, which is why we spend a lot of time and energy on finding the right employees who not only know the craft, but who also become a new and important cog in the whole when it comes to colleagues etc. Then it is necessary to constantly follow and adapt the costume according to the flows and seasons we have regarding personnel and vehicles. If we are not fast enough, it quickly becomes expensive.

What is the most enjoyable part of the job?
I like when you exceed the customer’s expectations, in this way we build relationships and further develop the cooperation with the customers. Our goal is to always work with the customer and not for the customer. Proximity to our customers is our top priority and we really cherish the personal contact between our customers and our employees. I also like the high pulse and entrepreneurship with the daily business and with all that it entails, such as managing suppliers, follow-up and streamlining.

You have talked about changing your sales organization, what will happen there?
Calling it a sales organization is perhaps not quite right, but we will develop our way of working with our sales with a focus on good profitability and customers that complement the flows we have today. The goal is then that we will all get better at being a selling organization. The entire office must be involved in this work with a focus on additional sales in the daily operation. All in all, we believe this will lead to us continuing the good cooperation with the customers we have today, while at the same time attracting new customers to us.

Where will PL Fraktservice be in two years?
In two years, we have continued to further develop our corporate culture where the employees, the people, make the workplace. Well-being and motivated employees in the workplace are extremely important to our culture and performance. We have also further developed the collaboration with our existing customers, both externally and internally within the group. We also have a lot of new customers we work with that further strengthens our position.

Five fast questions with Mattias Orstam

Favorite food
Flygande Jacob

Favorite drink
Tom Collins

Favorite destination

Watching on TV

Does in free time
Trains at the gym and plays padel.