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New production manager at B Andersson & Co åkeri

Tempcon’s subsidiary in Gothenburg, B Andersson & Co åkeri, is investing in the future and appointing a new position as production manager. Jonathan Olsson, former traffic manager and employee at the company since 2007, will hold the role. I am very pleased with this internal recruitment which enables us with Jonathan’s expertise to develop B Andersson in the best way, says Patrik Theander, CEO at B Andersson. What does the role mean then and how does Jonathan see the future for B Andersson? We will try to find out here.

Jonathan, you have worked at B Andersson since 2007 in various roles. When do you take over as production manager?
As said, I started in 2007 as an office assistant, but after a year or so I was given responsibility for some of our long-distance cars as a traffic manager. I was then on leave for a few years and worked as an airport firefighter and within Schenker in a department called dedicated services where we in my group handled ESAB’s logistics from their warehouse in Europe. I returned to B Andersson’s in 2012 and am now taking up my new role as production manager this week.

What does the role as production manager mean?
I will have an overall responsibility for our daily production through planning and management of the services we offer our customers such as transportation, warehousing and terminal management. Of course, it is also about reviewing and thinking about how we will work forward. What services will we offer in the future and how do we optimize the business we have today for future needs and requirements from the market. An important part of this is also to ensure the quality of the services and products we offer both today and in the future. It can be about keeping times, delivering an unbroken cold chain even better, simply keeping what we promise our customers. In short, you can say that I have a main responsibility to ensure that the practical work works with us, to optimize it and ensure that everyone pulls in the same direction. Simply make sure it works. Both today and tomorrow.

What do you see as challenges and opportunities in your new role?
The biggest challenge from a short perspective is to optimize the resources we have to offer the best possible service to our customers and that it ultimately generates a positive financial outcome for us and our customers. In the slightly longer term, it is to be able to see the demands and expectations that society and customers will place on us in a future market. I see the possibilities as many as we at B Andersson have an enormous knowledge with us into the expansive phase that we have just begun. I also see our terminal in the slaughterhouse area as a great asset in this investment where we have large areas for both chilled and frozen and dry goods.

Where have this investments taken B Andersson in five years?
In five years, B Andersson’s will be Gothenburg’s most quality-assured haulage company. We have maintained the trust we have in many customers today while building new relationships with new customers. Customers know that when they turn to B Andersson and Tempcon, they get what we promise to deliver. We solve their logistics with a deep trust from them. And with high quality and satisfied customers, we also get a stable financial development for the company that creates conditions for us to take further new parts of the market.