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New production manager at Widriksson Logistik

Some time ago, Benny Nordebrink started as the new production manager at Tempcon’s subsidiary Widriksson Logistik, which specializes in last mile transport. He most recently came from the position as section manager for Storage & Distribution at Octapharma and has for many years worked in roles with high demands on standardization, systematic execution of routines and processes and continuous improvement work. At Widriksson, he will have a central role in driving the operational activities forward. We are very happy to be able to welcome Benny to us, says Foed Meliane, CEO at Widriksson Logistik. With his solid experience, his enthusiasm, and his drive, we are convinced that he will be a key person for the development of the operational business. We have met Benny to hear a little about his background and what attracted him to the transport industry.

In the role of production manager, Benny Nordebrink is responsible for planning, leading and controlling the operational activities. Among other things, he will drive employee development, improvement work and establish the best working methods within the daily operations. As part of the management team, he also contributes to driving the business’s strategic work in areas related to quality, productivity and profitability.

With a background in manufacturing and the pharmaceutical industry, how did you end up in the transport industry?
Yes, you could say it was a bit on a banana peel. I was contacted by a recruitment company based on an input about leadership. At my previous job, we had done a great job of shifting the group managers’ focus from solving problems all day to being more proactive. I met the former CEO a few times and at the same time felt that I wanted to try something new which would also give me the opportunity to learn new things. After 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry and a few years in other manufacturing industries, I thought it was time.

What made you interested in the role of production manager?
When the role was presented to me, it was said that there was a need to work with structures and the people in the business. Something that suits me very well. They wanted to go from being reactive to being proactive. Much like at my previous workplace, I felt that my experience would come in handy there. The big difference compared to my previous job is that in industry you have all your employees nearby, while at a haulage company like Widriksson you have staff all over the city. How to put it together? I felt that was one of many exciting challenges here.

You have now worked for a couple of months in your new role, what impressions have you received?
I started in the middle of December, right after the snow chaos and the large volumes that are always before Christmas, so it was dizzying. The match goes on all the time and as new it felt a bit messy. Now I am also much closer to the end customer and that contact many times provides more direct feedback than what I was used to before. Very exciting! The most important thing is that we always do the right things and have a satisfied customer, that is, a customer who receives his delivery at the right place and at the right time. We are now also working towards some clear focus areas for the employees that deal with skill development, training and safety with the customer mission as a common denominator.

What challenges and opportunities do you see with your new role?
A major challenge we are now working on is raising basic competence. The managers do a lot of operational work today, some of which drivers and terminal workers should be able to solve themselves. By giving them the right conditions and skills, we can make them grow and solve more things in everyday life without calling the manager. In this way, we free up time for the managers, who can put a greater focus on development, sales and planning. Something that benefits everyone. If you do this, I think you treat the employees with the respect they should, they can. In this way, we also create greater participation in the entire business and move away from a feeling of individuality to a sense of togetherness instead. It is important that everyone plays together with the same target picture. If we get it together, or rather, when we get it together, it will be a success.

Widriksson Logistik is part of Tempcon, what advantages do you see in that?
Looking back at my time in the pharmaceutical industry, it was an industry that was characterized by cooperation, even if there was a competitive situation between factories in the same company. Networking and exchange of experience contribute to faster development and fewer mistakes, something that we can get naturally when we are now part of a group. Here we can also be more open to each other as we all strive towards the same goal.

In conclusion, where will Widriksson Logistik and Tempcon be in five years?
Widriksson Logistik will be much more integrated in Tempcon and both we and the group have continued to grow. Through our strategic work together with professional production, customers will appreciate us. It is to us that you turn. We will be seen as a role model in the industry. Widriksson Logistik will also be located in several locations around Sweden apart from Stockholm and Gothenburg where we are located today.