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New salary manager for SSC

Since the turn of the year, Carmen Larsen is the new salary manager at Tempcon’s Shared Service Center. Carmen has over 25 years of experience in payroll and most recently came from a similar role at one of our competitors in the market. Tempcon is her third employer since she started working in payroll and most of that time has been in the transportation industry.

Tempcon’s Shared Service Center, colloquially known as SSC, is a central department for shared services within Tempcon. They are responsible for the implementation and management of specific tasks such as accounting, salaries and finances. The fact that these functions have been brought together in SSC is so that the subsidiaries can better focus on their core business. At the same time, you gather competence here and can more easily be at the forefront in terms of systems, development and new regulations.

Who is Carmen Larsen?
I turned fifty here a week or so ago and am actually celebrating my 25th anniversary as a salary manager in various roles this year. Most recently, I was salary manager at a business competing with Tempcon, and I had been there since 2011. Tempcon is actually only my third employer since I started working with payroll, so you can’t accuse me of being a jumpstarter anyway.

What made you accept the role as salary manager at Tempcon?
I was contacted for an unconditional meeting with Fia Andersson, who is the head of SSC, and thought what she told seemed very interesting and the opportunity to be involved in building something like SSC’s salary and developing the business attracted me. You might think that it’s exactly the same job as I had before and of course it’s in the same industry and it’s about salaries, but here at Tempcon you have a new, different way of thinking and as I said, the opportunity to be involved in building something was what made me decide to accept the position at Tempcon.

Does payroll management differ in the transport industry compared to other industries?
Well, actually it doesn’t differ that much and the basis is the same as the aim, regardless of industry, is for the staff to get the right salary, at the right time and with the right additions and deductions. At the same time, the transport agreement is a bit more complicated compared to other agreements such as IF/Metalls. The transport agreement has more variables and there is more to think about and take into account. Today, we use a good system where the employees report their times, but we still get a lot of manual work to get it right all the way.

How do you see the development of SSC and Tempcon going forward?
In one year, we will have built SSC into one of the best in Sweden. We have functioning routines and processes and work with stable systems. We have a satisfied staff group who enjoy their work and their workplace, and we maintain a high level of service towards Tempcon’s employees.

Five quick questions with Carmen
Favorite food: Spaghetti and meat sauce.
Drink with it: Water
Likes to travel to: Somewhere where there is sun and swimming, for example Spain.
Favorite watching: Crime series
Do in spare time: Exercising, hanging out with my family and hopefully soon again, out walking a dog.