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New strategic collaboration strengthens operations in the north

The development of Tempcon’s operations in Norrland continues and, through a new strategic collaboration, new steps are now being taken towards Tempcon Norrland developing as a freight forwarder and Logex in long-distance transport. The operations Logex has had locally in the Skellefteå region are now being integrated into Tempcon Norrland’s production solution, which will in future be provided by Nyhléns Hugosons, Norrland’s largest manufacturer of charcuterie products. They have taken over resources in the form of personnel and vehicles that have been integrated into their own traffic. In this way, Nyhléns Hugosons becomes an overall partner to Tempcon Norrland and a supplier of temperature-controlled transport and logistics services in the areas around Skellefteå.

Nyhléns Hugosons invests in developing and spreading the Norrland food craft in a sustainable and long-term way. For the company, this means hearty food, made from the best ingredients, good animal care and talented employees. Nyhléns Hugosons is today Norrland’s leading food producer with its own production of locally produced meat and charcuterie products, chilled ready meals and potato products. The company also has its own, well-developed logistics operations with both distribution and long-distance transport, which all start from Skellefteå.

This has also been the case for Tempcon Norrland through Logex, but in order to optimize operations, increase occupancy rates and offer customers the best service possible, a cooperation agreement has now been signed at the same time as the operations in Tempcon Norrland’s terminal in Skellefteå, such as personnel and vehicles, have been transferred to Nyhléns Hugosons. In this way, Nyhléns Hugosons becomes both a customer and a subcontractor to Tempcon Norrland.

– Through the transfer and the strategic collaboration with Nyhléns Hugosons, we are strengthening our positions in Norrland, says Christofer Mattsson, CEO of Tempcon Norrland. Instead of having to sit and travel the same routes with two vehicles, we can now streamline our flows with better economy and higher service to customers as a result. At the same time, we clarify the companies’ roles within Tempcon here in Norrland.

– I look positively on the opportunity to develop our transport operations and at the same time strengthen our local presence in Skellefteå, Västerbotten and Norrland, says Sophia Bylesjö, site manager for Nyhléns Hugoson’s facility in Skellefteå. Through the expanded collaboration, we can contribute in a better way to more efficient and sustainable transport in Norrland, something that is in line with our group’s sustainability philosophy.

Pictured from the left; Pär Marklund, Transport Manager of Nyhléns Hugosons, Sophia Bylesjö, Site Manager of Nyhléns Hugosons in Skellefteå and Christofer Mattsson, CEO of Tempcon Norrland.

Photo: Andreas Forslund.