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New vehicles produce less emissions

Environmental and sustainability issues are high on The Tempcon Group’s agenda. We strive constantly to optimize our business so that it has the least possible impact on the environment. With this in mind we replace our fleet frequently to remain in the forefront of new technology.

Over the past year, the subsidiaries in The Tempcon Group have invested in new vehicles for more than SEK M 70, many of which are intended for long distance but also other distribution transports. This relates to almost 15% of the entire vehicle fleet. Differences between the subsidiaries in annual mileage is great however, the annual average for the Group is 140,000 kilometres per vehicle. According to the manufacturers data fuel consumption of a new vehicle is 0.2-0.4 litres lower per 10 kilometres than its predecessor.

If we assume that the average reduction in fuel consumption is 0.3 litres and according to the model available on Miljofordon.se, we calculate carbon dioxide emissions by Tempcon have dropped by almost 575 tons of CO2 per year through investing in new vehicles. This figure is probably higher as many of the new vehicles use natural gas.

If the transport industry and Tempcon are to achieve the climates goals by 2030, investment in new vehicles and new technology and incorporating innovative thinking in solving logistical problems must increase. Together with our customers, we are committed and ready to meet this challenge.