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Organizational changes within the Tempcon Group

As a natural step in the organizational development within Tempcon, a change is now being carried out which means that Syd Frys is linked more closely to Klimat-Transport and Mörarps Frystransporter is linked more closely to Tommy Nordbergh Åkeri and at the same time we are strengthening Tempcon Group’s financial function.

Since Syd Frys and Mörarps Frystransporter became part of Tempcon, Fia Andersson has been CEO of both companies. Now she is moving on to a new role within the Tempcon Group as manager of what is known as the Shared Service Center, where common functions such as accounting, finance and payroll are handled for several of the subsidiaries.

Mats Söderström becomes the new CEO of Syd Frys while retaining his previous role as CEO of Klimat-Transport. Jonas Råstedt, CEO of Tommy Nordbergh Åkeri, also gets another CEO role when he becomes the new CEO of Mörarps Frystransporter.

The business in Syd Frys is unique for the subsidiaries within Tempcon with its freezing, freezer and cold storage as well as a large number of ancillary services linked to this business. Klimat-Transport also offers cold and freezer storage, which is why the step for the new CEO was not so big.

– Our business at Klimat-Transport has many similarities with that at Syd Frys, while there are many things that set us apart, such as our forwarding business, notes Mats Söderström, CEO of Klimat-Transport and newly appointed CEO of Syd Frys. I have great respect for Syd Frys culture and want to contribute to continuing to develop the business, while at the same time I hope we can find positive synergy effects between the companies.

Fia Andersson takes up her new position from the end of January, February and is looking forward to the new challenges.

– I have a background as an economist and controller and have worked in such roles at large companies in the past, says Fia Andersson, newly appointed head of the Shared Service Center. I will be able to contribute with the experiences I have from these roles and at the same time create clear structures, order and will challenge for development. It is important that the subsidiaries can focus on their core business and that we can support them in this.

Tempcon CEO Christian Hallberg also sees many positive effects of the change.

– The fact that we bring in Fia as responsible for the operations at the Shared Service Center is very positive as we can benefit from her solid knowledge in the financial area, says Christian Hallberg, CEO of Tempcon Group. We also see great opportunities in the subsidiaries Syd Frys and Klimat-Transport and Mörarps Frystransporter and Tommy Nordbergh Åkeri coming closer together so that we can continue to develop the collaboration and achieve new synergies.