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School tour with Tommy Nordbergh Åkeri

The great need for new drivers is generally known and a lot of energy is put into interesting young people to apply for the training available to become a professional driver. At the same time, it is important to motivate them during their studies and also create an interest in Tempcon and our subsidiaries as there are many out there who are interested when the new graduates enter the market. An important part of this is Tempcon’s subsidiary Tommy Nordbergh Åkeri’s school tour. Every year they do a great job when they travel around to show off and meet the future on our roads.

During the pandemic, the school tour could not be carried out as usual, but now it is full speed again. With almost one visit a week during the period September to June, around Sweden, there is a lot to planning to do. The visits can look a little different depending on what is requested and sometimes they bring a vehicle, sometimes not, other times they participate as a lecturer during a lesson and so on.

The purpose of the school tour from a short perspective is to get in touch with the students in a simple and relaxed way in pleasant and easy ways. In the slightly longer perspective, it is about building trust in the industry, arousing interest in this type of driver job and seeing Tommy Nordbergh Åkeri and Tempcon as a future, attractive, employer. Another important purpose of the tour is to capture the thoughts and ideas of the next generation of drivers when they enter professional life. Tomorrow’s drivers will have different requirements and expectations than those we are used to today. If we are to make them stay and continue to develop together with us, we must meet our new employees so that they feel welcome.

Many of the schools Tommy Nordbergh Åkeri visits they have long-term relationships with, but they want to get in touch with more schools. Should you be interested in a visit in any form from Tommy Nordbergh Åkeri, just send an email to personal@tnordbergh.se