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Skanlog chooses Tempcon’s subsidiary

One of Tempcon’s subsidiaries in Stockholm, Widriksson Logistik, signs a new agreement with Danish household appliances supplier Skanlog regarding deliveries of their products in Stockholm and Uppsala. The assignment places particularly high demands on careful handling of the goods.

Skanlog is a Danish-owned 3PL company with a terminal in Eskilstuna from where household appliances for Tretti and Whiteaway are distributed to consumers in Stockholm and Uppsala. Skanlog is one of the leading players in household appliances logistics on the Nordic market, which through its network can effectively offer its customers both business deliveries and private deliveries throughout the Nordics.

In the agreement with Widriksson Logistik, particularly high quality requirements are set. At each delivery, the drivers must photograph the goods and any deviations documented. It is of utmost importance that the goods are not damaged. In addition to that, time windows must be kept carefully and the packaging must always be complete, clean and nice. Widriksson also takes care of returns and disposes of used appliances as part of the assignment.

– Delivering household appliances is always an important task because it places great demands on handling and punctuality, so we are looking forward to this task, says Foed Meliane, CEO of Widriksson Logistik. It feels particularly good because we can demonstrate high quality in similar assignments for other customers.

The assignment is based on Skanlog delivering household appliances to Widriksson’s terminal in Västberga, from where Widriksson delivers to customers in Stockholm and Uppsala. The assignment includes approximately 120 shipments every weekday, of which approximately 15 percent must be carried in to the customers home and the rest are so-called curbside deliveries. For goods over 90 kilos, in some cases two-man loading will be relevant.

Widriksson plans to use five C-vehicles for the mission, which will become an integral part of the terminal flow.