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Social sustainability from a diversity perspective

In recent years, the issue of sustainability has become more holistic compared to before, when sustainability was almost exclusively talked about as a synonym for environmental issues. Today, economic sustainability, social sustainability and of course also sustainability issues linked to the environment are discussed. For us at Tempcon, all these aspects are of utmost importance, which we also highlight in our sustainability report. One of our subsidiaries, Widriksson Logistik in Stockholm, specialists in Last Mile transport, recently delved into issues around social sustainability by inviting a lecturer from RFSL to raise the level of competence in the area.

One of the issues the company works with is diversity, which includes gender, sexual orientation and gender-crossing identity or expression. The purpose of the lecture was to learn more about LGBTQI issues, to improve the interaction between colleagues and others, to increase understanding and to get concrete tips and tools to be able to work with the issue.

– One of the things we take with us from the lecture is how important it is to feel safe in the social interaction at work and to avoid hiding important parts of one’s life, says Christel Grip, sustainability and communications manager at Widriksson Logistik. The point of openness is not to manifest but to avoid hiding, but not to make openness the norm and “force” others to come out.