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Strategic cooperation strengthens Tempcon’s position in the Stockholm area

A cooperation agreement has been signed between the Tempcon group and AX Transport, where AX Transport becomes a subcontractor of temperature-controlled transport and logistics services in the Stockholm area. At the same time, operations within Tempcon Stockholm have been handed over to AX Transport. Operations will continue to be based in Tumba.

Since 2019, both Tempcon Stockholm AB and AX Transport AB have operated in temperate transport to recipients in the Stockholm area. Both operations have started from the same property on Tuna Gårdsväg in Tumba. An agreement on cooperation has now been signed at the same time as the operations in Tempcon Stockholm, such as personnel, vehicles and terminal, have been handed over to AX Transport.

Contract managers for all of Tempcon Stockholm’s customer assignments will continue to be Tempcon companies Klimat-Transport, Tommy Nordbergh Åkeri, Abbekås Åkeri, Erling Andersson Åkeri and others. AX Transport also keeps its current customer agreements unchanged.

– Through the handover and the strategic collaboration with AX Transport, we now have even better opportunities to take on new and larger business, says Christian Hallberg, CEO of Tempcon Group. This as our joint capacity for temperature-controlled warehouse, terminal and transport services is now greatly increasing in the Stockholm area.

– For us at AX Transport, this new, strategic collaboration feels very good, says Henrik Lindahl, CEO at AX Transport. We already have a well-developed business today, but with the transfer we get new opportunities, not least in terms of contact with the Tempcon companies.

The cooperation agreement does not affect the operations within Tempcon’s other subsidiary in the Stockholm area, Widriksson Logistik, which offers sustainable, customer-adapted and qualitative logistics solutions for last mile distribution in major cities.