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Syd Frys certified according to FSSC 22000

During the year, Tempcon’s subsidiary Syd Frys worked to become certified in accordance with Food Safety System Certification 22000 (FSSC 22000) and now the certification is in place. Certification according to FSSC 22000 means that Syd Fry’s customers can continue to feel secure in the handling of their food in a safe manner and that the services they offer continue to lead to a high level of customer satisfaction. This also means that Syd Fry’s offer to the market has a high level of credibility in terms of knowledge, control and capacity for its commitments.

During the journey leading up to the certification, Syd Frys has worked to ensure the efficiency of the business, that there are tools and methods for verification and validation of the various parts of the workflows and to constantly work on improving and developing the business. The work with the certification has been extensive and the commitment of the employees is great. A certification permeates all parts of the business and all of Syd Fry’s staff have been involved in various phases. This is to capture different aspects of the business and benefit from the employees’ different experiences and thoughts.

Now that the certification is ready, the real work of continuing to develop the business begins. A new audit is carried out every year, which ensures that Syd Frys continues to meet the requirements and that it is constantly working on improvements. In addition, a comprehensive and more in-depth re-certification takes place every three years in order to retain their certificate.

In addition to the certification according to FSSC 22000, Syd Frys is already certified by KRAV and also certified according to the ISO standards 9001, 14001, 22000 and 39001. In addition, they work according to the guidelines in ISO 26000 and 27001.

FSSC 22000 is approved as standard by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and is accepted by the major food retailers in Europe. If you want to know more about FSSC 22000, you will find information HERE.