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Tempcon Group acquires Lincargo

Tempcon Group acquires Lincargo from Norrmejerier. Since its inception in 2007, Lincargo has developed an extensive distribution network from Riksgränsen in the north to Härnösand in the south. Through the acquisition, Tempcon Group further strengthens its position in the market of the northern parts of Sweden.

Since its inception, the Tempcon Group has had a strong focus on sustainability issues, as has Lincargo. This can be seen not least in the extensive co-distribution carried out by Lincargo. Something that has contributed to the company halving its climate footprint. As Tempcon will operate Lincargo as a subsidiary, the local presence and existing relationships with customers and employees will be maintained and further developed together with the Group’s other subsidiaries. Lincargos turnover is currently over SEK 200 million. The traffic is operated with about 80 vehicles via subcontractors.

– Today we are Sweden’s leading logistics group in terms of temperate transport and with the acquisition of Lincargo we are consolidating that role, says Christian Hallberg, CEO of Tempcon Group. Over the years, Lincargo has developed a wide network of contacts and reaches even the smallest towns in Norrland several days a week. Something that will strengthen our presence in the market locally but also mean that we, together with other subsidiaries, can offer an even more complete line and distribution network throughout Sweden.

– We are extremely proud of how Lincargo and its employees have developed the company and the co-distribution in Norrland. We know that there is an even greater potential in Lincargo that we as a dairy can not exchange while we focus on our core business, says Daniel Edblom, acting CEO, Norrmejerier. We are therefore pleased that Lincargo now has an owner who specializes in refrigerated transport and who can develop the company in a long-term sustainable way.

In connection with the sale, Norrmejerier has signed a long-term agreement with Lincargo to ensure that Norrland’s dairy products will continue to reach customers and consumers in the future. Norrmejerier’s former employees in Lincargo have been offered to accompany Lincargo to Tempcon. The offer affects all locations where Lincargo has operations, i.e. Luleå, Umeå and Lycksele. In connection with the deal, Tempcon will also take over the property in Lycksele with its terminal. The transaction is carried out after approval from the Swedish Competition Authority.

For further information, please contact:
Christian Hallberg, Group CEO, Tempcon Group AB, phone 0729-64 76 88 or e-mail: christian.hallberg@tempcongroup.se
Kristina Stiernspetz, communication officer, Norrmejerier, phone  0730-61 64 33, or e-mail: kristina.stiernspetz@norrmejerier.se