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Tempcon Norrland develops quality

Tempcon Group’s subsidiary Tempcon Norrland works systematically to ensure, develop and increase quality by involving the hauliers in close cooperation. In order to reward and motivate the hauling companies who produce the transports, a hiking prize has been created. A trophy that hauliers can win by being in the lead in all measurable quality areas. Or as it is called, a haulage index. The index measures punctuality, delivery routines, application usage and much more. The haulage index of the month was topped by Lindströms Transport in Luleå and the haulage company itself drew attention to it all on its Instagram account:

During the autumn and winter, our client Tempcon Norrland had a quality measurement on all connected hauliers. This week it was decided and we at Lindströms Transport were the winners. Incredibly proud of all our employees who have shown great responsibility, fantastic leadership and magical commitment!