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Tempcon Norrland wins procurement for large grocery player

Tempcon Norrland has won the assignment to handle all transport of one of Sweden’s largest grocery players in Norrbotten and Västerbotten. The goods will be picked up in Västerås and Borlänge and then distributed in the fine-mesh network Tempcon Norrland together with its hauliers offers a smart and efficient transport solutions. The agreement extends over three years and the transports are to run seven days a week, 362 days a year.

The transports include all types of goods such as colonial, fruit and vegetables as well as chilled and frozen. Tempcon Norrland will be responsible for the whole and all flows such as intermediate transports, distribution and direct deliveries. The latter is something that Tempcon Norrland and the customer want to increase as it leads to more efficient handling because you avoid reloading.

The project group within Tempcon Norrland that worked on the procurement looked at many more parts than the traditional transports. They have started from a way of working where they wanted to change the image of grocery distribution in Norrland and how a good store delivery should be as it is about so much more than just driving such as behaviour, communication and service.

– As everyone surely understands, it feels extremely good to win a procurement like this after solid and dedicated work internally, says Christofer Mattsson, CEO of Tempcon Norrland. The customer is an attractive and stimulating partner who is committed and challenges his carriers to constantly develop. We enter this as a partnership where we will make each other better together.

The driving force in the business has been an undivided customer focus throughout the process. What is best for the customer?

– That question has guided us through the entire process, says Ulf Arvidsson, production manager at Tempcon Norrland. It is important to remember that the real work begins when we start the mission in February 2024.

Arvidsson further explains that there have been five points that have been guiding stars throughout the work. It has been 1) to optimize flows and maximize direct deliveries; 2) a communicative and proactive management of the assignment; 3) high availability; 4) to develop the assignment together with the customer and 5) that we have a good plan to handle the challenges of the volume development during the peak seasons.

– This has been a project where we have really lived up to Tempcon’s core values, says Christofer Mattsson. It has been a great commitment of the staff which meant that we presented a credible alternative and where we work together with both the customer and our sister companies. It feels amazingly good.