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Tempcon offers its customers CO2-neutral transports

The environment and sustainability issues are at the center as the Tempcon Group continues to develop its offering to the market. In the autumn, Klimat-Transport’s terminal in Helsingborg became CO2-positive and now we continue the work by offering our customers CO2-neutral transport solutions through climate compensation.

During the period of the last twelve months, we have taken a large number of gas cars and, among other things, one of Sweden’s first series-produced electric trucks into operation. These are important steps in achieving the goals of greatly reducing CO2 emissions. However, it will take several years before we reach these goals and therefore we already want to reduce our impact together with our customers. The response from our customers has been very positive and we hope more people will join in the future.

How does this work with climate compensation? Climate compensation originally comes from the UN Kyoto Protocol. The idea is that with climate compensation you have to pay for the corresponding amount of emissions you cause to be reduced elsewhere. This can be done by purchasing emission rights, tree planting or investing in the expansion of renewable energy. The goal is to create a mechanism that contributes to climate change and that systematically changes our behavior while eventually eliminating our use of fossil energy sources.

The transport sector accounts for approximately 22 percent of greenhouse gas emissions in Sweden. Therefore, as a transport company, we have a great responsibility but also a great opportunity to make a difference together with our customers. It is important to remember in this context that climate compensation is not the solution to the problem but an important complement to the other climate work we do. Many climate-compensating projects are being implemented in developing countries. But the emissions with us do not disappear for that. We have therefore chosen to reduce emissions where they occur.

Tempcon Group has therefore started a collaboration with The Forest Solution, a Swedish company that works to increase growth in Swedish forests to sequester carbon dioxide. It provides the opportunity to compensate for climate change on Swedish soil, with Swedish controls and guarantees. The solution is simple and long-term. Today, Sweden’s area is covered by 60 % of forest, which binds about 40 million tons of carbon dioxide net per year. With The Forest Solutions’ method, the bond increases by 30 % over eight years.