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Tempcon prepared for environmental zone class 3

In the past few days we have been able to read that the City of Stockholm will introduce the very restrictive guidelines for environmental zone class 3 in large parts of Stockholm’s inner city. Tempcon Group and its subsidiary Widriksson Logistik are well equipped to meet the increasingly strict emission requirements that come with the introduction of environmental zone class 3.

For many years, Widriksson has pushed for change in the transport sector by investing in electrification and sustainable fuels. We are proud to already have the right vehicle to deliver in the upcoming environmental zone class 3.

Air pollution is estimated to cause 6 700 premature deaths in Sweden each year according to a study that IVL Swedish Environmental Institute and Umeå University have done on behalf of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Tempcon and Widriksson are doing their part to reduce this threat. Our electric vehicles and biogas vehicles reduce emissions and contribute to better air quality in both Stockholm and Gothenburg and other parts of the country.

We have invested in the vehicles and technology required to deliver sustainable transport that meets the strictest emission requirements, not least for last mile transport. Our vehicle fleet consists of many electric and gas vehicles and we continue to invest in the latest technology to reduce our environmental impact. With zero-emission vehicles, we are equipped to transport goods in the environmental zone without affecting air quality.

We welcome transport buyers and partners who share our vision of sustainability and who recognize the importance of making a difference when it comes to air quality and urban development. Together we can shape a cleaner and more sustainable future.