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Tempcon strengthens its sales organization

Urban Andersson has been linked to the Tempcon Group as a new salesman to process the market in the southern parts of Sweden. He most recently came from a sales role at Malmö Lastbilscentral and has, in addition to a time in the real estate industry, been loyal to the transport industry throughout his professional life. Andersson has over the years made himself known as a driven and goal-focused person who is passionate about the business and deals that benefit all parties.

For us at Tempcon, the establishment of a clear and driven sales organization has been a priority issue. The fact that Urban Andersson has now decided to take part in our journey means that we have taken a big step forward in this work.

Urban, what aroused your interest in the role of salesman at Tempcon?
Yes, I’ve always been a salesman. You are who you are. I have followed the journey that Tempcon has made so far as I know some of the companies that are included. I think this new constellation that the Group entails feels exciting. It is something new and fresh that the market has not seen since Frigoscandia’s glory days. I like challenges and when an organization wants to move forward and invest. I then look forward to being a part of this journey. At the same time I get the opportunity to contribute to it from my perspective. It’s stimulating.

After your first days at your new workplace, how is your first impression?
Only positive! It is of course very new things to take in but the feeling is good. I like the strong environmental focus the group has. It also feels like things are simplier and straighter than in the haulier center world. Shorter decision paths and not so much politics in the issues. Focus on the business.

What challenges do you see in your role as a salesperson?
What I must first learn is to understand how the organization and structures work. To get a clear picture of the structure of the various subsidiaries and also what it looks like in its entirety between the companies. Even though I have been doing transport in various forms all my life, this with food is something special. Transport is like a small stream, it always finds the nearest road. That is the path we must find together.

What will be your main focus in the role of salesperson?
For me, it’s a lot about getting the whole thing together. To not only focus on the big customers but work actively to have a good mix of big and small. A mix that develops our business and fits in or complements our existing flows and structures while we contribute to our customers’ development.

If we look a little in the crystal ball, where’s Tempcon in five years?
Then I think the Group has grown strongly from today’s level both in terms of sales as well as the number of companies. We are probably listed at the same time as we have reached our goal of becoming a leader in the Nordic region in temperature-controlled logistics.