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Tempcon supplies electricity

For us at Tempcon, the environmental issue is at the center of all parts of our business. Over the years, we have invested in solar cell installations at several of our facilities and another one will start when Syd Fry’s new facility is ready for occupancy at the beginning of 2025.

In the facilities we have today, we have produced 755 MWh during 2023, of which we have been able to supply the electricity grid with 205 MWh of surplus electricity.

One of our solar cell installations is at Widriksson Logistik in Västberga. It has now been running for two and a half years. During that period, Widriksson’s total electricity consumption has increased because it has invested in more electric vehicles, while at the same time reducing the amount of electricity it buys by almost 25 percent. The electricity from their solar plant covered 37 percent of the total electricity consumption in 2023.

We at Tempcon continue to work to reduce our climate impact and the solar cell installations are an important part of this work by contributing to our renewable electricity production.