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Tempcon supports childhood cancer research

Every day one child in Sweden gets cancer and every week one child loses the fight for life; and yet there is still no medical explanation for this. Cancer is still the most common cause of death in Sweden for children aged 1–14 years. This is why contributions to research are so necessary and why so many people are involving themselves in various ways, such as bringing attention and awareness to this disease.

The Tempcon Group, together with several of the subsidiaries, has chosen to support Team Rynkeby. Donating to research is our way of contributing towards achieving the goals of eradicating childhood cancer and one we think is vitally important.

In 2020, all the individual teams within Team Rynkeby collected SEK 90,557,413. This corresponds to 181,115 research hours or 91 years of research. Today 85 % of the children who get ill survive, but as long as that figure is not 100 %, we must continue to fight. Every contribution makes a difference.

Team Rynkeby was founded in 2002 in Denmark and today comprises of 2,150 amateur cyclists and 550 volunteers divided into 57 local teams from Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, Germany and Switzerland. Every year the Swedish teams cycle the 1,200 kilometers to Paris to raise awareness of the issue. Once there they meet up with teams from other countries. However, the Corona pandemic has temporarily halted this event, so instead the Swedish team decided to hold a six-day cycle tour through Sweden finishing in Helsingborg.