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Tempcon supports the national team in walking football

The Tempcon Group works hard with its social responsibility efforts and part of those activities involves supporting the Swedish National Team in Walking Football (WF). This sport may not be well known amongst the general public as yet but it is gaining interest in the world. We are interested in supporting WF as the team has both a national as well as an international arena and besides, this sport is open to everybody and also lives up to the clearly stated goals of the Swedish Sports Confederation to promote lifelong participation in sport clubs.

Some facts about walking football

– The first matches were played in the 1930’s however its breakthrough did not occur until 2011 in England.

– Running is not permitted – one foot must remain at all times on the ground.

– No forms of physical contact may occur between the players.

– The field measures 30 x 50 meters, which is about half of a normal-sized football field.

– To avoid injuries the ball must never be headed.

– The match is cancelled if the ball is more than two meters up in the air.

– Offside does not exist and only the goalkeeper may be in the goal area.

– Each team comprises of five players and a goalkeeper. In addition, each team has two or three reserve players who can be used freely during the match. There are no limits to the number of substitutions.

– Match time varies, but in Sweden they usually last about 20 minutes. Internationally it is more common to play two periods of 20 minutes.

– There are approximately 70 active clubs in Sweden today.

– The international federation has 70 member countries with England being the largest with a total of 800 registered clubs.