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Tempcon’s subsidiary electrifies distribution from IKEA Stockholm

Tempcon’s subsidiary Widriksson Logistik continues the investment towards offering the market a climate-positive distribution in 2030. One step on the way is to electrify the distribution and as part of this it will now handle parts of IKEA Sweden’s flow for last mile distribution in Stockholm with light trucks with 100 percent electric operation. These are now used for distribution from IKEA’s department store in Kungens Kurva and for e-commerce deliveries in the area of southern Greater Stockholm. In connection with that, Widriksson also becomes the first logistics partner with IKEA-branded cars in Sweden.

Widriksson Logistik has handled distribution from IKEA’s department store in Kungens Kurva since 2013, and since 2018 the company has also handled the last mile flow of e-commerce deliveries in the area of southern Greater Stockholm. Already in 2013, the companies made a joint investment in a biogas station for IKEA, something that contributed to fossil-free deliveries early on.

Widriksson has purchased three 3.5-ton electric vehicles, two of which will be part of IKEA’s flow and be clearly IKEA-branded. With the new vehicles, Widriksson’s electric car fleet today consists of 13 vehicles. More electric vehicles are an important part of the company’s long-term strategy and the three new vehicles are another step on the way.

– It is a milestone to electrify the last mile for IKEA in Stockholm and an important step on our continued journey to electrify our transports, an investment backed by well-thought-out choices, says Christel Grip, sustainability manager for Widriksson Logistik. We have succeeded in building an infrastructure for electrification with consideration of the life cycle perspective and ensured charging capacity in our property with electricity labeled Good Environmental Choice as well as self-produced electricity from our solar cell plant. Now we look forward to continuing to develop our sustainable transports together with IKEA.

Even at IKEA, the tone is positive.

– Now you can finally see our electric cars rolling on Stockholm’s streets to deliver products to the homes of our customers, says Hanna B Broman, Country Customer Fulfillment Manager, IKEA Sweden. We have reached this point thanks to the collaboration with our local partner Widriksson and it really shows the importance of finding ways together in a situation where we are facing many challenges when it comes to solving the electrification of our deliveries.

The vehicles bought in are of the Maxus e-Deliver 9 type with a cabinet and rear end lift. They have a load weight of 750 kilograms and a range of 150 kilometers.